At Boulden Energy Systems, we provide custom heat transfer, cooling, and exhaust emission control solutions for the power generation industry. One of our core offerings is exhaust systems and insulation blankets. Insulation blankets help ensure exhaust systems operate efficiently and safely.

What Are Exhaust Insulation Blankets?

Exhaust systems naturally generate heat during operations. If left unchecked, the heat can lead to high-temperature conditions that may cause damage to nearby equipment and/or injury to nearby employees. For example, the surfaces of components may be heated such that they can cause burns upon contact, or the temperature in the surrounding environment may be elevated such that it is unsafe for workers or heat-sensitive equipment. One solution industry professionals have devised to minimize these risks and eliminate these hazards is adding insulation (e.g., insulation blankets) around the exhaust system.

In exhaust systems, insulation materials act as a physical barrier between equipment and employees, protecting them from burning/melting and preventing heat and noise from escaping. They find application in many industries that rely on exhaust systems, including locomotive, marine, mining, power generation, and off-highway vehicles.

The Importance of Exhaust Insulation Blankets

Insulation blankets are highly beneficial for facilities that use exhaust systems. Some of the key benefits they provide are:

Increased Workplace Safety

In industrial settings, the heat generated by exhaust systems can lead to temperatures up to and exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Insulation blankets reduce the amount of heat that is transferred from the exhaust system to the surrounding environment, which helps ensure ambient temperatures within the room are safe for employees and equipment. Personnel can operate and maintain the exhaust system without fear of heatstroke or burns, and heat-sensitive devices and systems can be used without the risk of overheating or being damaged.

Reduced Noise Levels

Besides heat, exhaust systems also create a significant amount of noise. If a work environment is not equipped with sufficient noise absorption materials, the noise level may be high enough to be a distraction or discomfort to workers. Additionally, workers exposed to loud sounds over an extended period are at risk of auditory damage. In addition to insulating heat, insulation blankets can be used to attenuate sound; they can absorb and/or dampen noise depending on their construction.

Decreased Emission Rates

Industrial companies often have limitations on the amount of emissions they can produce and release. Many of the emission control technologies used to control emissions utilize the high heat generated by exhaust systems to operate. Therefore, any loss of heat can negatively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment. As insulation blankets prevent heat from escaping, they can be employed to optimize the operation of emission control systems and, consequently, reduce emission rates.

Why Choose Boulden Energy for Your Exhaust Insulation Blankets?

At Boulden Energy Systems, we supply a wide range of high-quality thermal insulation and noise attenuation solutions for exhaust systems. Our thermal insulation products include insulation blankets, which can be custom fit to suit different system designs and site requirements. Our noise attenuation products include expansion joints and specializing piping.

We can help you make your exhaust systems run efficiently and safely with a lower risk of employee injury/equipment damage, quieter operations, and lower emission rates. To learn more about our exhaust system insulation solutions and how they can benefit your facility and operations, request a quote today.