Remote cooling systems are utilized when the generator is being installed in a confined space or in the engine room that has limited airflow for the generator.  In facilities where larger are needed, or the installations become more complex, remote-mounted radiators add tremendous flexibility to the installation, and when engineered properly they can radiator configurations. The process of providing a remote cooling system requires specialized knowledge of sizing, pipe dimensions, radiator types and sizes, mounting, loading, and site requirements in order to maximize the efficiency of the gen set.

Why Boulden Energy for Your Remote Cooling Systems

Boulden Energy Systems simplifies that process addressing remote cooling needs by designing, integrating, and supplying the most efficient remote cooling systems in the industry today.  In closed-loop systems, charge air cooling systems, and extreme low noise systems, Boulden Energy Systems provides the products and solutions that are customized to the needs of your engine.  We supply the products and design the Integration of radiators, heat exchangers,  pumps, controls, and instruments to create the most economical cooling systems for your gen set.

How We Do It

Our team of sales engineers work with you to develop the optimal cooling system approach for your engine based on individual project specifications.  By applying our experience with these applications and partnering with quality manufacturers, we work to deliver the highest quality, most cost effective approach for each installation.